5 Shows Like Grimm: Supernatural Detective Dramas

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5 Shows Like Grimm: Supernatural Detective Dramas

If you're a fan of Grimm and its unique blend of supernatural elements with detective work, you're in for a treat. We've rounded up five shows that capture the same essence of mythical creatures, crime-solving, and urban fantasy. These series offer a perfect mix of thrills, mystery, and otherworldly adventures that will keep you glued to your screen.

Supernatural: Hunting Monsters and Solving Mysteries

If you're searching for grimm similar shows, look no further than "Supernatural." This long-running series follows the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, as they traverse the country in their 1967 Chevy Impala, hunting monsters and unraveling dark mysteries. Like Grimm, Supernatural blends elements of folklore, urban legends, and detective work into a thrilling narrative.

While Grimm focuses on a police detective who discovers he's descended from monster hunters, Supernatural takes a different approach. The Winchester brothers are raised in the family business of hunting supernatural creatures, giving them a wealth of knowledge and experience from the start. This background allows for deeper dives into various mythologies and monster lore throughout the series.

One of the standout features of Supernatural is its ability to balance humor with horror. The witty banter between Sam and Dean provides comic relief amidst intense confrontations with ghosts, demons, and other supernatural entities. This mix of tones creates a viewing experience that's both entertaining and suspenseful, much like the best episodes of Grimm.

Supernatural's Unique Take on Monster Hunting

Unlike Grimm's focus on creatures from European folklore, Supernatural draws inspiration from a wider range of mythologies. From Native American legends to biblical lore, the show explores a vast array of supernatural beings. This diversity keeps the storytelling fresh and unpredictable, offering viewers a new monster-of-the-week alongside overarching plot threads.

The show's approach to monster hunting also differs from Grimm's more diplomatic stance. While Nick Burkhardt often seeks peaceful resolutions with Wesen, the Winchesters typically take a more aggressive approach. This contrast provides an interesting perspective on how different hunters might handle supernatural threats.

Supernatural's longevity - running for an impressive 15 seasons - allowed it to build a rich, complex mythology. The show evolved from monster-of-the-week episodes to epic battles involving angels, demons, and even God himself. This grand scale storytelling sets it apart from other tv series similar to grimm, while still maintaining the core elements of mystery-solving and monster hunting.

Lucifer: The Devil as a Crime-Solving Consultant

For fans of Grimm seeking a unique twist on the supernatural detective genre, "Lucifer" offers a devilishly good time. This series reimagines the Prince of Darkness as a charming nightclub owner in Los Angeles who becomes a consultant for the LAPD. Like Grimm's Nick Burkhardt, Lucifer Morningstar uses his supernatural abilities to solve crimes, but with a decidedly more mischievous flair.

The show's premise might seem far-fetched, but it works brilliantly thanks to Tom Ellis's charismatic performance as Lucifer. His ability to draw out people's deepest desires becomes a valuable tool in criminal investigations, much like Nick's Grimm abilities aid him in police work. This parallel makes Lucifer a compelling option for those looking for grimm similar shows.

What sets Lucifer apart is its blend of procedural crime-solving with celestial drama. While Grimm delves into the world of Wesen, Lucifer explores themes of free will, redemption, and the nature of good and evil. This added layer of philosophical depth gives the show a unique flavor among supernatural detective dramas.

The Celestial Cast of Characters

Like Grimm's ensemble of Wesen allies and foes, Lucifer introduces viewers to a colorful cast of celestial beings. From Lucifer's demon bartender Maze to his angelic brother Amenadiel, these characters add depth and complexity to the show's mythology. Their interactions with humans provide both humor and poignant moments of reflection on the human condition.

The relationship between Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker mirrors the partnership between Nick and Hank in Grimm. Both pairs navigate the challenges of working together while keeping supernatural secrets. However, Lucifer adds a romantic element to this dynamic, creating tension and character growth throughout the series.

As the show progresses, it delves deeper into celestial politics and family drama, much like how Grimm expanded its exploration of the Wesen world. This evolving narrative keeps viewers engaged while maintaining the core appeal of supernatural crime-solving that fans of Grimm will appreciate.

iZombie: Undead Detective with Brain-Eating Powers

For those seeking tv series similar to grimm with a unique twist, "iZombie" offers a fresh take on the supernatural detective genre. The show follows Olivia "Liv" Moore, a medical resident turned zombie who uses her newfound abilities to solve murders. Like Grimm's Nick Burkhardt, Liv navigates a world where her supernatural identity must remain hidden from most people.

What sets iZombie apart is its innovative approach to the protagonist's powers. When Liv consumes the brains of murder victims, she temporarily inherits their memories and skills. This ability serves as both a blessing and a curse, much like Nick's Grimm heritage. It allows her to solve crimes but also forces her to experience the victims' final moments and grapple with their personalities.

The show's blend of horror, comedy, and crime-solving creates a tonally diverse experience similar to Grimm. While Grimm leans more heavily into dark fantasy, iZombie balances its supernatural elements with witty humor and pop culture references. This lighter touch makes it an excellent choice for viewers who enjoyed Grimm's occasional moments of levity.

The Zombie Underground

Just as Grimm introduces viewers to a hidden world of Wesen, iZombie unveils a secret society of zombies living among humans. This underworld has its own rules, power structures, and conflicts, providing rich material for ongoing storylines. The show explores the ethical dilemmas faced by zombies trying to survive without harming innocents, adding depth to its supernatural premise.

iZombie also shares Grimm's penchant for creating monster-of-the-week episodes within a larger narrative arc. Each brain Liv consumes presents a new case to solve and a new personality for her to adopt. This format keeps the show fresh and entertaining while allowing for character development and ongoing plot threads.

The series tackles themes of identity and morality in a way that will resonate with Grimm fans. Liv's struggle to maintain her humanity while embracing her zombie nature parallels Nick's journey to balance his life as a detective with his Grimm responsibilities. This character-driven approach, combined with its unique premise, makes iZombie a standout among grimm similar shows.

The Dresden Files: Wizard Private Investigator

For those craving more supernatural sleuthing after finishing Grimm, "The Dresden Files" offers a magical twist on the detective genre. Based on Jim Butcher's bestselling novels, the series follows Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, as he investigates paranormal crimes. Like Nick Burkhardt in Grimm, Harry straddles the line between the mundane and magical worlds, using his unique abilities to solve cases that baffle ordinary law enforcement.

While Grimm draws heavily from European folklore, The Dresden Files casts a wider net, incorporating elements from various mythologies and urban fantasy tropes. Harry's world is populated by vampires, faeries, demons, and other supernatural beings, creating a rich tapestry of magical intrigue. This diverse cast of characters provides endless possibilities for complex plots and alliances, much like the Wesen community in Grimm.

The show's noir-inspired atmosphere sets it apart from other tv series similar to grimm. Harry's narration and the gritty Chicago setting give The Dresden Files a classic detective feel, even as it deals with fantastical elements. This blend of genres creates a unique viewing experience that will appeal to fans of both supernatural dramas and traditional mystery series.

Aspect Grimm The Dresden Files
Protagonist Nick Burkhardt (Police Detective) Harry Dresden (Wizard P.I.)
Setting Portland, Oregon Chicago, Illinois
Supernatural Elements Wesen (creature-human hybrids) Wizards, vampires, faeries, demons
Tone Dark fantasy with moments of humor Noir-inspired urban fantasy

One of the most compelling aspects of The Dresden Files is its exploration of magical politics and power dynamics. Much like how Grimm delves into the complex relationships between different Wesen factions, this series showcases the intricate web of alliances and rivalries among supernatural entities. Harry must navigate these treacherous waters while solving cases, adding layers of complexity to each investigation.

The show's treatment of magic as both a tool and a burden echoes Grimm's approach to Nick's abilities. Harry's wizardry comes with significant responsibilities and dangers, much like Nick's Grimm heritage. This shared theme of power and its consequences provides depth to both series, elevating them above simple monster-of-the-week formats.

While The Dresden Files had a shorter run than Grimm, its rich source material from the novels allows for extensive world-building and character development. Fans of Grimm will appreciate the show's blend of procedural elements with an overarching magical narrative, making it a worthy addition to any list of grimm similar shows.

Moonlight: Vampire Detective in Modern Los Angeles

For fans of supernatural sleuths, "Moonlight" offers a captivating blend of vampire lore and detective work. Set in the bustling city of Los Angeles, this series follows Mick St. John, a private investigator with a dark secret - he's a vampire. Like Nick Burkhardt in Grimm, Mick uses his supernatural abilities to solve crimes that baffle ordinary humans, making it a perfect addition to your list of grimm similar shows.

What sets Moonlight apart is its fresh take on vampire mythology. Mick struggles with his immortality and the ethical dilemmas of being a vampire, adding depth to the character beyond his crime-solving prowess. This internal conflict resonates with Grimm's exploration of Nick's heritage and the responsibilities that come with his abilities, creating a compelling narrative that keeps viewers invested in the protagonist's journey.

Romance and Supernatural Intrigue

One of Moonlight's standout features is the romantic subplot between Mick and Beth Turner, a human investigative reporter. Their relationship echoes the complex dynamics between Nick and Juliette in Grimm, exploring the challenges of love across the supernatural divide. This emotional core adds a layer of relatability to the fantastical elements of the show.

The series also delves into vampire society, revealing a hidden world within Los Angeles much like Grimm's portrayal of the Wesen community in Portland. This worldbuilding creates opportunities for intriguing cases and conflicts that span both human and vampire realms, offering a unique twist on the supernatural detective genre.

Haven: Small Town with Big Supernatural Secrets

If you're searching for more tv series similar to grimm, "Haven" should be on your radar. Based on Stephen King's novel "The Colorado Kid," this show transforms a picturesque Maine town into a hotbed of supernatural activity. FBI agent Audrey Parker arrives in Haven to solve a routine case, only to discover a town plagued by "The Troubles" - mysterious afflictions that grant residents supernatural abilities they can't control.

Like Grimm, Haven masterfully blends procedural elements with an overarching supernatural mystery. Each episode presents a new "Trouble" to resolve, mirroring Grimm's monster-of-the-week format. However, the show's underlying mythology grows more complex as Audrey uncovers her own connection to the town and its secrets, creating a narrative that will keep you guessing until the very end.

"Haven is not just a place, it's a mystery that spans generations. Each answer we find only leads to more questions." - Audrey Parker

The Power of Community in Facing the Supernatural

One of Haven's strengths lies in its portrayal of a tight-knit community grappling with extraordinary circumstances. The show explores how the townspeople cope with and conceal their "Troubles," creating a atmosphere of secrecy and tension similar to the Wesen world in Grimm. This focus on community dynamics adds depth to the supernatural elements and provides rich material for character development.

The series also stands out for its unique approach to its protagonists' abilities. Unlike Nick's Grimm powers, Audrey's gift lies in her immunity to the Troubles and her ability to help those afflicted. This different perspective on supernatural abilities offers a fresh take on the genre, making Haven a compelling watch for those who enjoyed Grimm's exploration of extraordinary gifts.

Constantine: Occult Detective Battling Dark Forces

For those craving more supernatural detective dramas, "Constantine" offers a darker, grittier alternative to Grimm. Based on the DC Comics character John Constantine, this series follows a cynical occult detective and exorcist as he fights to protect humanity from demonic forces. Like Nick Burkhardt, Constantine possesses special abilities that allow him to see and interact with supernatural entities, making him a unique protector of the human world.

What sets Constantine apart from other grimm similar shows is its unapologetically dark tone and deep dive into occult lore. While Grimm often balances its darker elements with moments of levity, Constantine fully embraces the horror aspects of its premise. This creates a tense, atmospheric viewing experience that will appeal to fans of both supernatural dramas and horror genres.

A Flawed Hero in a World of Gray Morality

John Constantine stands out as an antihero, a chain-smoking, hard-drinking exorcist with a troubled past and a sharp tongue. His complex morality and personal demons add depth to the character, creating a protagonist who's both compelling and unpredictable. This complexity mirrors Nick's struggles in Grimm as he navigates the murky waters of the Wesen world, often forced to make difficult choices.

The show's exploration of Christian mythology and occult practices provides a rich backdrop for supernatural mysteries. Each episode introduces new demonic threats and arcane rituals, expanding the show's mythology in ways that will intrigue viewers who enjoyed Grimm's deep dive into various folklores and legends.

Sleepy Hollow: Colonial Legend Meets Modern Crime

"Sleepy Hollow" offers a unique twist on the supernatural detective genre by blending American history with modern-day crime-solving. This series reimagines Ichabod Crane as a Revolutionary War soldier who awakens in present-day Sleepy Hollow, partnering with Lieutenant Abbie Mills to combat ancient evils. For those seeking tv series similar to grimm, Sleepy Hollow delivers a perfect mix of historical intrigue and contemporary supernatural threats.

Like Grimm, Sleepy Hollow excels at weaving folklore and mythology into its narrative. However, it takes a broader approach, incorporating elements from various cultures and time periods. This diverse mythological base allows for a wide range of supernatural antagonists, keeping the show fresh and unpredictable throughout its run.

The Power of Partnerships in Facing Supernatural Threats

At the heart of Sleepy Hollow is the partnership between Ichabod and Abbie, mirroring the dynamic between Nick and Hank in Grimm. Their collaboration bridges the gap between past and present, combining Ichabod's historical knowledge with Abbie's modern investigative skills. This dynamic creates opportunities for both humor and poignant moments as Ichabod adjusts to the 21st century while fighting age-old evils.

The show's ability to blend historical events with supernatural elements adds an educational twist to its entertainment value. Viewers might find themselves researching American history to better understand the show's references, much like how Grimm fans often delve into various folklores to appreciate the series' mythological depth.

Warehouse 13: Agents Tracking Supernatural Artifacts

For those who enjoyed the artifact-hunting aspects of Grimm, "Warehouse 13" offers a treasure trove of supernatural intrigue. This series follows Secret Service agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering as they track down mysterious artifacts imbued with dangerous powers. While not strictly a detective show, Warehouse 13 shares Grimm's penchant for investigating strange occurrences and neutralizing supernatural threats.

What sets Warehouse 13 apart from other grimm similar shows is its focus on historical artifacts rather than creatures or monsters. Each episode introduces new objects with unique abilities, often tied to famous historical figures or events. This approach allows for a wide range of storylines, from whimsical adventures to dark, world-threatening scenarios.

Show Supernatural Focus Investigative Element
Grimm Wesen (creature-human hybrids) Police detective work
Warehouse 13 Historical artifacts with powers Secret agent investigations

The Warehouse: A Character in Its Own Right

One of the most fascinating aspects of Warehouse 13 is the titular warehouse itself. This vast, seemingly endless storage facility houses countless artifacts and serves as a hub for the agents' missions. The warehouse's secrets and history unfold throughout the series, providing an overarching mystery that complements the episodic artifact hunts.

Like Grimm's exploration of the complex Wesen world, Warehouse 13 delves into the intricacies of artifact management and the organizations responsible for keeping these powerful objects in check. This world-building adds depth to the show and creates opportunities for long-term story arcs that keep viewers engaged season after season.

Angel: Vampire Detective Agency in Los Angeles

Rounding out our list of supernatural detective dramas is "Angel," a spin-off from the popular series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show follows Angel, a vampire with a soul, as he sets up a detective agency in Los Angeles to "help the helpless" and battle supernatural threats. For fans of Grimm seeking more tv series similar to grimm, Angel offers a perfect blend of noir-style detective work and urban fantasy.

What sets Angel apart is its exploration of redemption themes through the lens of supernatural beings. Like Nick Burkhardt in Grimm, Angel must navigate the complexities of being caught between two worlds - in this case, the human world and the demon underworld of Los Angeles. This duality creates rich storytelling opportunities and complex character arcs throughout the series.

A Team of Misfits Fighting the Good Fight

One of Angel's strengths lies in its ensemble cast. The show brings together a diverse group of characters, each with their own supernatural quirks and backstories. This team dynamic mirrors the way Nick builds his own group of allies in Grimm, creating a found family that works together to combat evil forces.

As the series progresses, it delves deeper into the mythology of its universe, exploring ancient prophecies, interdimensional politics, and the nature of good and evil. This evolving narrative keeps the show fresh and engaging, much like how Grimm expands its Wesen lore over time. Angel's blend of episodic cases and overarching plotlines provides a satisfying balance for viewers who enjoy both standalone mysteries and long-term story development.


This exploration of shows similar to Grimm reveals a rich landscape of supernatural detective dramas. From Supernatural's monster-hunting brothers to Lucifer's devilish crime-solving, each series offers a unique blend of mythological elements and investigative work, catering to fans of urban fantasy and procedural dramas alike.

Whether it's iZombie's brain-eating detective, The Dresden Files' wizard P.I., or Constantine's occult battles, these shows expand on Grimm's formula in diverse ways. They delve into various mythologies, explore complex character dynamics, and balance episodic mysteries with overarching supernatural plots, providing engaging alternatives for Grimm enthusiasts.

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